For Bb… Threshold


In the Company of Bears

thundering past my window

I am thrown into prayer.

Rooted in dark space,

Shattered by Life,

the Power of Love

to dissolve all boundaries

is an invisible Presence

in this place where possibility

crosses a Threshold of Becoming,

a moment in Time.


4 thoughts on “For Bb… Threshold

      1. Please don’t change the poem. It lives in some kind of exalted space, and it took me a little while to get to that space. That’s all. I don’t think there’s anything misleading or confusing about the poem.
        And I was serious about BB getting it, knowing the essential truth the poem points toward, before I did. I think wild animals size things up faster and more accurately than I generally do. Maybe his English isn’t as good as mine, but he definitely knows the poet and her intentions.


      2. Oh Harriet, I am relieved! And I so agree with you about animals understanding our intentions faster and more accurately than we can imagine. This is the core of interspecies communication. I wonder why we expect animals and plants to speak English when their languages evolved so much sooner than humans did. Thanks for responding!

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