“Keep Out”



Rusty barbed wire

blocks my way

to Owl canyon

the place where

owls pray.


When I saw strings of

dirty spiked metal

stretched pole to pole

my heart sank.


We had only one day

to visit with the owls

in their sandstone castle

before being turned away.


Now cattle can graze

behind bars

in the desert scrub

to put hunks

of bloody red meat

on the table –

fattened by Monsanto’s


and god knows what else.


Poisoned from birth

the death of “animal soul”

is present in vacant,

world weary eyes.


Held hostage by humans

like the walking dead

do the animals still weep?


What we know is that

hormones and pesticides

will be consumed

with great gusto

on the coming Feast days.


Can’t anyone see that

Poisoned flesh

like the infamous apple of lore

is rotten to the core?


Will no one mourn the

death of these animals

who have become sacrifices

for human consumption?


2 thoughts on ““Keep Out”

  1. I am glad you think so…today we found a way under the barbed wire but how long this will last, I don’t know… This is National Forest – they have no right to keep me out – we’ll see – thanks for commenting…. so much.


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