Moon Reflection



I wake up before 6 AM and when I take the dogs out a pearl white blossom is sitting low on the western mesa, her aura of translucence burnishing the sky with a pale peach glow.

At first when the owls start singing they are far away over the mesa but then I listen to owl conversation just below Casita del Oso by the river and somewhere behind me. Next they emit their soft hoots from Iren’s house. The symphony continues even now that I am once again back in a warm bed wrapped around by a pre- dawn sky that is just turning pink and gold.

I watched as the moon slipped down over the mesa and the twins were dimming as they too fell from the sky.

It is the first day of the new year celebrated by every culture during some time this dark month and I was so grateful to be alive, awake, and present for the moon and her owl songs during these magical twilight hours.

Yesterday we made boats and sent them down the river with our wish for the new year… My wish was for unbroken sleep, and first my little craft tumbled upside down but afterwards sailed down to the edge of my neighbor’s property. I had the distinct sense that my boat had no intention of moving away from this part of the river and this land that I love.

Did I mention that she was a sailing boat with two owls aboard as passengers? I was honoring the owls I had heard that morning as spirits of the desert who have blessed so many with their presence.


A close up of one of my owls

Tonight when the moon rises once again I will recall that northern Indigenous peoples call this first full moon of the year “The Little Bear Moon.” I will remember the bears that are giving birth this month on the tundra, in the forest, in stone caves and under tree roots asking for a blessing for all the baby bears and praying that they will have a chance to live out their animal lives in peace.


My owl boat sailing down the river



Arist Iren Schio who created this tradition sitting with her new grandson in the studio where all our creations were made – This baby is the most amazingly bright and beautifuk baby in the world!


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