A Man Capable of Love

There is something about a man

who kneels to be on equal ground

to meet a five pound dog

that erases mountains of cultural baggage –

exposing male integrity

as well as a personal capacity to love.

Unconditional Love is the gift she offers him –

The ultimate gift of Hope.

He is the Receiver.

The two are One.


He is a man

who is capable of Love.


Her name is Hope.

She is so anxious

to make him her friend

that she wiggles uncontrollably

her eyes are dark all seeing pools,

her body knows…

She cannot be fooled.

A rough tongue laps his face

when he picks her up

to hold tenderly against his chest.


He is a man

who is capable of Love.


I witness this exchange

choking back tears in my throat

with a sense of wonder.

I experience inexplicable gratitude

towards him.

His name is David.


He is a man

who is capable of Love.


Men like this can break through

the wall

that the inequalities of gender

have erected over millennia.

Barriers that separate humans from each other,

from animals and plants,

from this precious Earth

can be erased in an instant

by compassionate behavior,

opening the door to equality.


Men who have the courage

to be fully human

engender my deepest respect,

even as they become models

for others to emulate.



David is a man

who is capable of Love.

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