Mayflowers long for Rain



I fling wildflower seeds to the wind

with my usual prayer

to the frog gods and Avanyu

Spirit of the River…


Mayflowers long for rain.


A great horned owl calls

from under a cottonwood tree,

drops a speckled feather,

haunts the night with her song.


Mayflowers long for rain.


Under a protected porch

a cluster of green leaves floats

a bouquet of lemony blossoms

gifting the afternoon sun.


Mayflowers long for rain.


The advent of the dancing May

marks a seasonal turning

not to be ignored.

Even in harsh white light

the song of Earth’s renewal

presents herself :


a man sprinkling “weeds”

with ground water,

a cacophony of birds,

wild mustard eating rabbits,

crackling roots,

vibrating tree trunks,

sage leaves,

plump buds,

windblown seeds.


Wildflowers long for rain.

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