River Musings


The moon is on the wane

pale against a blue wash.

Heart shaped leaves crackle

under my feet.

A field of papery brown

stalks dull my senses

as I witness the ravages of

a passing season

of raging heat and drought.

The deer and the elk

no longer bed down

in supple long grasses.

Clumps of snakeweed

bear spiked skeletons.

Weeping trees

bare few seeds for


The Earth is parched.

In this epoch

of irreversible climate change

will the shrinking river

once again swell to overflowing,

on her own?

Only she knows the love songs

to sing to smooth round stones.




Every morning I walk to the river at dawn and this morning as I stood on the beach I realized that the water level is so low that there is more rocky shore than river…For the last 100 years or so humans have been in control – raising and lowering the river artificially, but with Climate Change upon us Nature may well be in the process of crafting her own story.

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