Southern Comfort

Category: Prose. Owl as Messenger from the Beyond. Nature


In spite of seeing the Owl at dawn the day has been a sparse one.


I drift like one of the golden heart shaped cottonwood leaves floating to the ground.


They fall to sleep, to nourish the dry parched Earth, but I am suspended –


What am I doing here?


Too dry, too hot, harsh winds. The memory of intolerable heat still scorches my body.


Dizzy on a daily basis from lack of fresh moist Northern air.


Woozy from a fierce white sun.


I have abandoned cool waters, lush green bogs, toads and frogs for Fire.


My stomach knots in misery.


Maybe it’s time to reverse direction?


Over and over I ask the question.


Some small voice says listen…


Today I am willing


To exchange South for North.


If that is what is required.


I wait…


Tonight when I walk under the cottonwoods I look up and see her – a puffball of windblown feathers, tufts flared talons spread clasping the branch above my head.


Wordless endearments float through the air.


She calls me with her eyes.


Dares me to enter


those dark pools of Light.


I am ready to surrender.


I thank her for the vision.


Twice in one day.


A belated Birth Day Gift.


“I love you,” I whisper softly, “I love you.”


And I remember the fear the sound of her invoked in me one year ago.


As I stood


on the threshold of my Great Mistake?


We have journeyed round the circle


traversing Four Seasons.


And I am meeting her

Back at the Beginning.


Come to your senses.


Go back to where you belong.


These are the words I think I hear.


Is it really “either or?”



This bird, my Beloved, stayed present through a year of inexplicable illness.


Always without Judgment.


Whooing through the night.


Singing up the dawn.


She’s waiting for me.


To make the right decision.


How many more blunders must I make?


My body keens.


Owl is silent, Bearing Witness.


She came to warn me and stayed.


When I refused to listen


She flew South with me


Sank with me.


Never abandoned me.


She’s with me still…

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