Bear Grace

In the Northern Hemisphere in both Europe, Asia, and the Americas, bears were the first animals imaged and worshiped as the Ancient Bear Goddess, Mother of All.

This is the season of bear slaughter and every year I feel powerless to help these animals.

Last night I had this dream:

Everyone is shooting bears.  I stand up for them confronting one man who loves to kill them. I am without anger. There is another man who loves bears who comforts me. I ask him to help me to understand why niches  (Nichos) were carved for these animals but the bears are absent. They are not inside these protected, holy, spaces. There is a third man who also cares about bears though he doesn’t say so. I feel so lost. How I long to see a bear again.

This is a big dream. The Great Bear Goddess is missing, She no longer inhabits the Nichos or holy places in our homes or in our global culture. The female aspect of divinity in body, soul, spirit is totally absent creating a terrible imbalance in perspective. This speaks volumes about the destructive patriarchal cultural system we live within.

There are some men who care about bears, but they are unable to stop the slaughter.

One of these men is Dr. Lynn Rogers who took the photograph. This bear biologist has dedicated his life (55+ years) to studying black bears… He and I both know that bears are peace loving animals that want to co- habit with humans. Their social structure is matriarchal with females and their offspring at the center.

I offer this poem to all Bears and the Great Bear Goddess who are One:


In the Company of Bears

thundering past my window

I am thrown into prayer.

Rooted in dark space,

Shattered by Life,

the Power of Love

to dissolve all boundaries is

an invisible Presence

in this place

where possibility

crosses the Threshold of Becoming

a Moment in Time.



This morning after putting this prose/poem on my blog I took a hike along a rich riparian desert creek shimmering with gold and green Cottonwood hearts. Imagine my surprise when I discovered bear scat everywhere along this clear untroubled stream flowing down from the mountains. The bears are here, and just knowing that made all the difference.

When I came home I had an email from Lynn who is now in possession of my unpublished bear manuscript. He is going to include some of my bear stories in his forthcoming book…NOTHING could make me happier.

I think I can hear faint music coming from a song that floats through the air…. “Dancing with Bears.” Yes, for this moment in time I am dancing with bears..


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