Raven’s Cry



Fake coyote calls split

a moon cracked sky in two.

False ‘Indian’ hoots and drums

stunned sleeping birds –

Why do ‘whites’

insist upon using Indigenous ways,

to make a point?

Coyotes know.


Did they think that she was blind

or that her dreaming body,

a roiling belly

wouldn’t warn her?

Deception is a ruse

to twist and hide from truth

even when La Llarona’s river

becomes a mirror

shivering under

winter solstice flight.


At dawn a flaming

orange glow

bled and pooled,

a lake of fire,


before piercing eyes –

(She sees better in low light)

A dark star

rose with thorns


bruised and broken fruit.


While Coyotes slept

Raven brought the Light.



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