Hecate’s Spring Moon 2019



The Frog Moon will be full in a few minutes and I want to remember this moon in particular because I have longed for and mourned the absence of frog sounds for three years… eventually coming to believe the sound of those primal denizens of the waters would forever be withheld…


Frogs have been calling to me since I was a child.


The frog world continued to remain eerily silent as I witnessed the drought shrinking the desert landscape into a parched skeleton. I heard the trees scream as forest fires raged and my own breathing became labored and ragged.


I thought I was dying.


Literally brought to my knees, I finally accepted that there was nothing left to do but accept what was…


Climate Change had turned the Earth into a Ball of Fire.


Then the winter of 2018-19 brought reprieve. First rain and then snow graced the land. This spring the arroyos are running. I built a toad pond, and with great joy I am once again celebrating – participating in the Greening of the Earth.


Even if this reprieve is temporary I have the choice to focus on Now.


At the edge of this second Spring moon – The Frog Moon – I continue to make the choice to honor each turning with more gratitude than I ever believed possible, although I find it ironic that this year the full moon falls on the day of christian crucifixion – ‘good friday.’ It’s important to note that in ancient female centered story (pre-dating patriarchy) various male vegetation gods were always sacrificed in the spring so that the crops might grow.


Today it is the Body of the Earth that is being sacrificed – crucified, the body upon which all species depend upon for life.


For me, there is nothing left to say or do – almost no one is listening.


But like Hecate, Greek goddess of liminal spaces and the crossroads (water and earth) I can bear witness to what is and give thanks for my life and that of every frog  who still lives on this planet.


I cultivate this attitude out of deep awareness and interconnection with all that is.


Lately I have been dreaming about roots. As Hecate’s daughter my roots seek living waters, and the stability that comes from being One with the Land.


Last night I heard the poignant melody as I gazed into a cracked moon rising up through the cottonwoods. Although the diminutive tree frog was hidden from sight, he cried out for Life.


It wasn’t until I took the moon picture that I saw the owl. Like the frog, the owl is another of Hecate’s familiars or animal aspects (beyond gender). On a personal level the owl is the silent presence of the spirit of my mother – she who witnesses in the dark.


We three, woman, frog, and owl stay present for each other and for the Earth as we acknowledge what is, and ultimately – the relativity of both joy and sorrow.


We also live in the truth that with every frog refrain, the Song of Life Lives On.

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