The Seeds of Friendship


(Andrew doesn’t like his picture taken so I added one of me, loving the Earth as a mountain with my pockets full of rocks! Thank you Iren for taking the picture.)


I have a friend who carries a precious seed for a very different kind of future. He really cares about trees and people and is genuinely attached to the word “community”. It is a pleasure to be around this young man who knows how to be a man and gives his own mother credit for helping him become who he is.


I’ll never forget the day Andrew told me that the first thing he noticed about me was the power of my light. I was stunned. How was it possible that this almost stranger half my age could see who I had become so clearly? Many months into this friendship, I still don’t know, but Andrew has followed this remark with others that reflect that although we are separated by generations he can actually see the woman I have become.


He defines himself as an outsider, and this is probably true because he is a visionary thinker and multi-valenced artist, as well as being a person who is able to navigate seemingly impossible odds in a very grounded/concrete way by writing proposals that result, for example, in the procuring of food stamps so that people who do not have the money will still be able to buy fresh vegetables at his outdoor market.


He has been able to garner emotional (and financial) support from others, who like me, also long for a relationship oriented culture, one in which the mechanized Iphone/FB isolation of ‘the family of man’ is finally replaced by a paradigm that puts caring and community at its center.


If this model can be adopted by even one community, then all is not lost. Of course, Andrew is facing a host of challenges – steep mountains to be climbed. He stands at the beginning of his own winding road as a different kind of leader…but because he embodies his own light, that inner light will guide him. As I have told him on so many occasions my belief in him and his ability to manifest a life sustaining community based reality strengthens with each passing day.


Andrew and others like him embody hope not just for humans, but for all non –human species and for the Earth, the planet we call home.

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