Bare Bones



In the pure white sun dream

I wore a necklace –

bearstone and bone.

For months


eluded me,

but feeling


from within-

a volcano

was burning


beyond me –

destructive fires,

my body knew.

And beyond that

stones and bones.


Extremes freeze authenticity.


Why is it

that I cannot

hold onto Dark

the way others do?

I keep shedding Shades

like outworn skins –

“Let them go” I pray,

missing the point completely.

An error bordering

on personal stupidity –



casts a shroud

to create clarity.

Instead of berating

myself, I need

to look to others

to uncover

what’s hidden

in them.

I own my flaws.

There are dark

rooms in everyone’s house –

not just my own.

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