Eyes of the Night


(Beloved Cottonwoods frame the predawn in front of the Casita)


“Eyes of the Night”

Benign or Suspect?

Here is a question

worth pondering.


“Eyes of the Night”

peer into dark souls

uncovering hidden agendas

exposing the worm.


“Eyes of the Night”

are not fooled

by words forcing fake

kindness through preaching

or shaming.


“Eyes of the Night”

(that seek to harm)

are turned back

on themselves

by the Powers of

Great Horned Owl.


“Eyes of the Night”

ride on the wings

of falling stars

Earthing destructive Fires.


“Eyes of the Night”

split the sky in two at midnight

The Great Bear

spills her Grace before dawn.





Working notes:


Often I will read a phrase like the one repeated above and suddenly a poem materializes out of the Great Beyond. I don’t pretend to understand the process, but I honor it.


I have always been most comfortable during this dark time of the year, perhaps because I am a poet and a dreamer, but also because I am a naturalist and these long nights give the discerning eye a chance to visit with creatures who are invisible during the day.


Here in Abiquiu, the Great Horned Owl is my nightly companion as are the stars overhead, seemingly so close that I could touch them. The high desert stillness is rarely broken except by the coyotes that sing love songs to stark reptilian mountains and to La Llorona, the Spirit of the River, like they did last night.


Every morning in the predawn hours I walk to our river to watch the sky catch fire embracing this magical space in between worlds, offering my gratitude for what was and what will be.

I am usually home by sunrise…

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