Lily b’s Birthday



He’s an old Dove

by any standards

but his song still

rings in the dawn.

Reading my thoughts


his commentary

helps me believe

what I know.

Sometimes he simply


a point, but always, he

mirrors a relationship

predicated on

Spirit – incarnating

as a bird.



I celebrated his birthday,

with friends –

for the first time ever.

Why did I wait so long

to honor him as Beloved?

Twenty nine years –

I can’t imagine

my life without him.


He came to me

after my dad died,

taught me more about parenting

than any human,

stayed present

during unspeakable losses –

both his and mine.

His love songs

healed us both.


For him, Silence is

an anathema

so when he survived

a predator’s attack,

a frightening fire,

and was thrown

across a car

by a madman,

his lost voice unhinged me.

I feared

each time that

our spirit connection

was broken

for good.

That he would die.

But I was wrong;

He recovered

his song at Dawn.



at his party

he had little to say.

Perched high on a star

overlooking the east window

he was listening,

I know.


When I placed

the dove crown

on west window’s ledge

he peered intently

at double images

that were cutouts of himself,

moved closer

to inspect them

with one ruby red eye.

Did he recognize

his own divinity?

I certainly did.

And perhaps

because we feel

across language,

communicate through air,

He has always known

what I had to learn

(from him)

that embodied Spirit just is –

a gift freely offered

in Love.



Working notes: I have written about Lily b many times because our relationship has been based on telepathic communication, an idea laughable to many – he came on the wings of my father’s death – and immediately I sensed there was something about him…twenty nine years later I know that birds incarnate as the in comprehensible power of Spirit that has become embodied.


I have recently been introduced to another bird – this one is wild – who carries the same kind of charge for me. Whenever I hear the haunting calls of the Sandhill cranes I know that I have been touched by this mysterious force in a beneficent way. Thanks be to Lily b…


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