‘The Mother’s Son’




Too many years

of punishment

have consequences…


slices the

Earth in two

steals fragrant

fertile ground.

The Breath of Life

is stilled as the Owl

strikes home.


She walks on thin air.


Years of yearning

have crushed a spirit once

open to Love.

Her body’s fire

burns like the forests do

destroying Souls

without mercy.




What did we ever do

to deserve such treatment?


She can’t let go

although she knows

that its his twisted story

not hers

that she is living

against her will.

She’s been forced

to enter hell.


But yes, she chose it too

without Foreknowledge;

Unintended consequences

are woven into each choice,

part of each human story.

(Nature follows different rules).


Burdened by Hope

in the face of escalating hatred

She still can’t let go

Endurance is

her lover, but

when the nightmares


she can’t hold out.

They leave her haunted.

Her body is weakened by

tears that will not come.

Relief ceases to have meaning.

Resignation brings no peace.


She walks on ever thinning air.


Is there no end

to this suffering

except through dying?

She poses this question


to the deep green

religion of forest

field and stream,

and her dearest



At dusk he appears

at the door

piercing layers

of Bewitchment

with one sharp eye,

a mole brown feathery garment

blending with ever darkening sky

Four days ago

she heard him drumming.


Reclusive Grouse is

an Earth loving

forested friend –

and symbol of Her Spiral.

The Way remains veiled.

She’ll blunder on alone.


Yet, this unlikely presence

reflects, reveals, makes

a statement she cannot ignore:

Something is listening.

She’s not invisible –

After all.



Just before I publish this poem two beautiful birds appear at my window inexplicably – a little gold bird and a female cardinal – reinforcing the powers of nature to speak when all hope is lost.

Witnesses …

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