At dawn

I look for sign.

You are orphaned –

without a mother

to guide you.

Did you find

my offering?



for one

wearing bearskin

is a risk

you can

no longer take.


To be shot at,


run down by

stupid men who

fear their own

black souls

is no excuse.


Murdering mothers

and children

constitutes atrocity –

like Tree Slaughter

I am forced to witness

the horrors of

human insanity.


I wonder

If you know

That Nature

Is starting to


on your behalf?


This virus

is just the beginning…

Humans will


their demise

through continued



suffering and dying

just as you have.


Unlike your kind

our old ones

will meet death first,

but the tide

is shifting;

Earth seeks wholeness,

redressing imbalance,

And S/he too

can be ruthless

when culling…


You are wise

in the ways of Nature

called “Root Healers”-

still reverenced

by some.


One day

bears will

thrive in newly

forested landscape,

raise yearlings in peace,

live free of torment,

because the species

that once hunted you

has finally been erased

from the Book of Life.


Her Evolving Story

is a Fountain of Hope.

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