Spirit Bear

June bear


When the bears come the waters will rise / sweet rain will fill the barrels / and cardinals will whistle love songs. When the bears come my feet will touch the earth / and I will feel the branches of root light illuminating the dark / revealing a direction that has been blocked by disbelief. When the bears come joy will climb up my spine / and fireflies will gather in my hair/ my mind will clear/ pinpoints of flashing light will lead the way/ the mist that blankets the mountain will part / dew will fall under a waning moon / and I will hug a furry body until I sleep / burying my head in his chest / feeling his heartbeat as my own / whole / if only the bears will come…

2 thoughts on “Spirit Bear

    1. That guy was crazy and treated the bears as if they were pets – these are wild animals and they need to make the decisions. I always allow them to make the choices they need to, so don’t worry Tom!


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