Morning Meditation in July…



I have just returned from the brook where I offered up my Toad Moon prayers early this 4th of July morning to the song of the hermit thrush and to the rippling waters that slip over stone – first honoring my body with a poem written just for her, and then by repeating my hope/belief/intention that the search has ended and my house will get the structural help she needs without invasive machines scarring my beloved trees and land… I release my doubt – a plague that has incarcerated me for months.


I felt my body rooting into forested soil… I belong here; I am loved here.


Peace filtered through the green – trees, seedlings, lichens, mosses, grasses and the clear mountain waters. Silence, except for Thrush’s morning benediction.


A prayerful moment at the beginning of each day opens a spirit door – a portal into the beyond perhaps, but also a sacred portal into myself – though I have experienced this lifting of the veil throughout my life it wasn’t until this winter in a New Mexican Bosque that the trees taught me a lesson I needed to learn. I must create space to do this morning meditation intentionally every single day – for myself, as well as for the Earth adding a third element to ritual. My walks to the river and Bosque began as a survival mechanism to deal with unbearable heat and transformed into a focused morning meditation that I hope to continue for the rest of my life … I didn’t plan it; it happened, and the Bosque full of trees, roots, fungus and hyphae was the medium… S/he opened the door.


Now the challenge is to stay strong and true to what I know… a four year journey into the hero’s (?) maze was the way I learned that this particular earth ground needs and contains me… Would her house timbers have cracked if I hadn’t abandoned her? She needs me to love her too.


It feels almost miraculous to experience a full moon in a grounded way after my experiences in the desert with an empty sky bowl of thin blue air, mighty winds that stilled the songs of birds and polluted the air, and nights that were rarely dark because the moon rarely slept perching in the sky for two weeks out of each month.


Too much air, too much stone, too much wind, a glaring sun… a sky bereft of stars for too long each month, no green, and no water….


How grateful I am for home…


Seal Skin – Soul Skin



This body is

my holy altar

my bounded skin

my embodied soul

my closet kin.

2 thoughts on “Morning Meditation in July…

  1. Dear Sara,
    I found your site by googling “scarlet runners – New Mexico”, as I’ve brought my precious heirloom beans from a green garden in WA state to the sunny, windblown desert of far southern New Mexico.
    I wondered if there was a secret to coaxing the beautiful red blossoms into beans– as I watch the blooms disappear, leaving barren stem.
    Of course, its only July and reading meticulously for bean references in your beautifully written, heartfelt passages, I find you mentioning that your scarlet runners didn’t bloom until August although you planted them in May in what I assumed was your far northern New Mexico garden.
    It’s late right now and my usual early bedtime is altered today by the very bright NM desert moon –something I see you noticed as well.
    Or, it could be disrupted the recent eclipse, the multiple planetary alignment, the disruption of Nature by rockets and celebratory bombs.
    Yes, All is Changing and despite what humans may believe, Nature is still in charge.
    So tonight, I’ll ‘bookmark’ this page and come back to it when my elderly eyes are brighter and my mind clearer.
    But my heart will be just as open as it is this moment by your words.
    Thank you, dear Lover of Nature. We are, after all, a part of Nature, too.


    1. How much I appreciate receiving a response like yours. Thank you.

      First let me address the beans. The two years I grew them in Abiquiu (northern New Mexico) some insect or something stripped the blossoms – although I diligently searched for the intruder – I never found one. It had to be some bug that only came out at night. Don’t give up hope… In August the blossoms set beans and I had plenty – however, with such healthy plants I was still surprised that whatever did this damage was THAT thorough.

      Here in Maine I don’t put my beans in until early June and they set beans early August…no bugs or whatever. But then I have to worry about deer!

      I found the bright moon sky in New Mexico a real problem every month – I always had trouble sleeping – maybe worse was the feeling of never being/feeling like I was grounded – You would think with all that stone that “walking on air” wouldn’t have been a problem but it was a constant issue for me – and during the week of the full moon I often felt woozy as well. The air is too thin for me.

      I am always so happy to meet a kindred spirit – and yes, of course, we humans are a part of Nature too – even if most don’t believe it – its the way humans treat the earth that makes me want to to separate from my own kind though I am well aware that I too am part of the problem – and contributing to our earth difficulties on a daily basis.


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