Changing my Will – Addendum


Trillium Rock


The will of my children

pounds me into

barren ground –

I am pierced with nails.

My body shudders

with each gun blast.

I’ve spent a lifetime

as a spiraling

  earth vine

whose delicate tendrils

slip through

the cracks

of an invisible prison

(barred by family dementia)

to reach a kindlier light.

Nothing survives

in a war zone

where Conflict, 

and Silence reign.

Yet I have been given

 a homeplace,

this land and cabin –

where Love abides

as Life Force. 

And help is nearby.

I receive these precious gifts,

in gratitude

for dogs and deer,

trees and moss

a field of dreams

a fragrant forest

and stream.

Neighbors too –

One boy who

converses with trees

as I do –

Together we plant

Cedars, some

his father dug nearby…

I am no longer alone.

These two –

Father and Son

 are present to assist

in times of need.

 They also help me glimpse 

the light of human kindness –

genuine compassion,

exposing the truth of

who I am.

I trust them both

for they are wise

in the ways of the forest

that is our beloved home.

They learned how

to listen –

to care about others. 

Acting as receivers,

both discern

 the difference in 

Voices – between

 those that heal,

those that harm.

Even as an old woman,

I am so far behind them

in my learning…

But this Will of Mine

is securely attached

 to their own.

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