Ancient Mother

On the path

through the pines

I see clumps of

moss scattered,

an old tree trunk

is raked as if

with claws;

clumps of downed bark

 food for the earth.

My heart soars.

Wild hope pours

through me like honey.

Guns split

the air with

with fiery blasts –

machines scream.

Trickery abounds.

 Acting out their man

Hatred and Rage, 

 supported by ‘their’ women,

(betrayers of our kind) 

so many have lost access

to being human.

Power and Ego are all.

Never wrong, or accountable

Apology is an anathema –

Compassion a quality

without meaning.

Always “right”

no matter how ignorant,

He spews directives –

incapable of honest exchange.

Resorting to boring

platitudes – repetitive lies,

 He imagines the length

of his nose

doesn’t give him away.

A woman is only

an appendage

to be used.

A social secretary

a cook – or selfless mother

 she’s supposed to

remember his birthday

when he forgets hers.

These are the jobs of women.

But the worst lies

Under The Covers –

“Put out” he says

with disgusting distain.

And if she refuses

she pays….

Ah, the stupid tantrums

of men who throw

dogfood cans across

the airport floor.


There are exceptions.

Both men and boys

who are wise

in the ways of Nature.

Having lived in the Forest,

they learned the art of listening.

She taught them

how to be men.

The word integrity

has meaning –

Compassion is strength. 

“Protect the old people,

the innocent,”

they demonstrate

with their actions.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m worried about

your breathing…”

Women of all ages

 rank high on their scale.

Questions like this

bring me to tears.

Oh, I see Her now

hiding in the tree,

casting an ancient

and powerful spell

to protect them,

– these men

whose humility

stands before them.

 These men 

who know

how to love.

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