Part 1

The Nightmare 

The two turning on me

 in vengeance.

Then two more.

 Their Doubling unhinged me.

Undone by tricksters –

(horizontal gene transfer?)

Left to die alone

gasping for breath

until my lungs



I lost breath,

 my keening soul.

Even then

I said I love you.

My body

turned white

like the Spirit Dog

that came to warn me

through the Dreamtime.

You cannot go on alone.

Part 2

The Boy becomes a Man

I see him in

a sky full of stars pouring

down liquid light

under a curved dome

of black velvet.

 I see him in

Stories patterned

 by the Ancestors –

The Great Bear spiraling

Overhead –

The Tree of Life

extending her roots…

Spirits witnessing when my

 Soul went dead.

He was birthed 

by the Forest

that claimed him 

as an infant…

He became

a boy who

talked with trees.

 Bears and Tree Roots –

After I met him –

  I was reborn

 In kinship,

as a Grandmother.

A grandmother in time.

Mycelial networks

spiraled and diverged

converged into

a lost way of Being.

We both feared

no one was listening.

His fears subsided

because I heard him.

And then she appeared.

 The Great Bear walked 

out of the Dreaming Tree

gifting him

with the protection

he must have

to forge a new path

for both of us

into Place

where Time and Land

meet as One.

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