Loss of a Nation

The last four years have stripped me of my belief in people in regard to decency, kindness, integrity, truth telling, and compassion. I am not saying that I believe all people have lost the ability to be ‘human’, but it is clear to me that many, perhaps even a majority have. Our planet is on scream; S/he can no longer support a people who despise her or dismiss her with such vengeance or indifference.

In order to survive the reign of terror and insanity that now characterizes much of our culture, I was forced to split away from politics, to choose the lonely road of human isolation in order to retain my sanity. My oceanic grief over what was/is happening to Nature had/has become ‘the darkest night’ my soul has ever known. 

I have been told that I see the world through a darkened lens. Perhaps. But what I was witnessing terrified me. During the first few months as Trump and his minions began to gather ‘the powers of darkness’ around them I couldn’t understand why the rest of our culture didn’t rebel with the authority that comes out of identifying ‘crazy’ and taking action against a man whose twisted form of dementia was life threating to all. Wasn’t it obvious that the man was unfit to lead a country? It was from this vantage point that I noticed that pro Trump and anti Trump folks were engaged in the same occupation – hooked to a Cult figure, for better or ill. As the chasm widened the anti Trump people became as addicted to this man’s craziness as the pro – trump folks who sung his praises. 

As an outsider I witnessed the two sides meeting each other around the circle, even as the atrocities mounted. Impatiently, I would tell my neighbor, for example, a man who hated Trump, that he was giving the man exactly what he wanted – his full attention. Naturally, my remarks were ignored (Addiction slips through the crack when we lose the ability to see and understand what we are doing, and this man, like so many, never engaged in self reflection).

It became obvious to me within the first six months of our terrorist’s reign that grabbing attention was the golden ring for Trump. Without integrity, conscience or an ability to reflect on his own actions, he was also crippled by lack of feeling. It didn’t matter what kind of attention the man got – it only mattered that he got it.

 The American People and the media fed him like a baby. He took center stage 365 days a year. Garnering power at any cost was his goal and the road to power is paved by attention and intention. That he wrote a script for the American people that was so distorted that lying, hatred of science, caging children, shooting people, advocating white supremacy, sanctioning misogyny, the rape of women (who were called pussies) either psychically or physically became normalized

He wore his colossal stupidity like a badge. Meanwhile, he paraded his Barbie Doll wife around like a trophy. Apparently her one claim to fame was the exorbitant expense of the clothing she wore. He kept his whore in the background. This behavior made a mockery out of the role of First Lady, just as Trump’s nefarious behavior made a mockery out of the presidency. And still no one stopped him.

As he stirred the pot and the shocking hatred and violence mounted his cult of followers grew exponentially. Trump fed into the dark side of humanity supporting riots and insubordination of any kind, making fantastic claims without a shred of truth or support, dismissing those who would have held him accountable, he became a dictator in all but name. And still no one stopped him.

When he learned of the impending Covid – 19 virus on new Year’s eve 2019 he suppressed the information (he never bothered to read Obama’s briefs that addressed the scientific community’s fears of a possible pandemic erupting in the near future). When Americans began to get sick and die in March of 2020 he called the virus a hoax and his followers believed him. Two hundred and fifty thousand Americans have died since then and his refusal to wear a mask became yet another political tool of derision and division. Power at any cost. Currently, this crisis has become a monster, devouring people like flies as we the people here and abroad are entering the darkest months of viral takeover. There is already another deadly virus on the way, but, because belief in science has become a joke no one is listening. Mask wearing has been mandated in my state and some people are still rebelling by refusing to mask as Trump did when he and his ‘barbie doll’ went to vote earlier this month. And even then no one stopped him. 

Until the election.

 When, after the most agonizing week of fear and uncertainty, Joe Biden won the Presidency and became President Elect, some of us struggled to absorb the fact that one person’s reign of terror was actually coming to an end. Trump’s refusal to concede although barbaric, was not surprising. His outrageous lies and tantrums were to be expected. We finally stopped him.

Until we remembered that 70 million people remain Trump supporters, ready to ‘defend him’ with twisted minds and lies, warmongering, disregard for human lives, and guns. When the most infamous occupant of the White House is escorted out of office on January 20th, we will remain a Nation so divided that we face a peril that is unprecedented in this country. 

In the last four years we have witnessed the breakdown of a culture. We have become a Nation predicated on an inability to work with others, white supremacy, unparalleled woman hatred and deceit losing respect and credibility throughout the rest of the world. We will not be trusted or taken seriously again.

Although President – Elect Biden will do whatever he can to stem the flow of the 70 million people who thrive on violence and hatred, we have crossed the River Styx.

  Trump’s legacy is a somber one:

Death is on the horizon.

4 thoughts on “Loss of a Nation

  1. Power corrupts and to stay in power brings corruption to stay absolutely. This has been proven now with the desperate efforts to hold on to the mandate that has long been lost…


    1. What can I say Sunith? Trump was already crazy when he was elected – and now – he plans to become the dictator – this country still doesn’t get it – and he’s still the center of attention…. meanwhile Covid kills…if this country survives will it LEARN something from this travesty? I am sad to say that I doubt it. Democracy has become a joke in a country that pontificates to others how important democracy is…. just one more joke.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, how much I hated to speak what i know to be truth – but naming the perpetrator must be done and somehow we must find a way to stay with ‘what is’ if there is any hope at all. At least for our human souls…


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