The Dolphin and the Moon

Unfinished Symphony –

On thanksgiving

I gave my pearls away

Some belonged to my mother.

I am getting ready to

 let the past

become the future.

Luminous white moons,

once I loved them so.

Gifted from the sea.

Not casually offered

and not without


but out of a need

to be seen,

to strengthen our bond,

 I share in trust.

My belief in Her –

 She who is Giver,

 Taker of Life.

And one day

my offerings might

help one young

woman to become

who she already is –

in potential

a healer of women

as well as men.

Her voice is still


A whispering pearl


inside her oyster.

When he came into

my life future

no longer held

meaning – I am

in awe of a reversal

that only nature

could have 


from subterranean depths.

To create a ‘family’

out of tree roots,

mycelial networks,

art forms,

 underground conversations –

why does this surprise me?

Trees talk to both of us

through root and leaf –

scent and sound –

 He is already

 a forest scientist

in all but name.

Taught by

a man who loves

trees the way we do.

I gave the dolphin 

to her by mistake

and had to ask

for him back!

And what about

my mother’s pearls?

I still need them.

The Dolphin

must go deeper still

to recover the Rabbit in the Moon.

Postscript… I have an ancient history with rabbits and yesterday we met one on our rainy day walk. A bi colored rabbit, I recognized him instantly as a relative of a rabbit I had long ago. (This domesticated rabbit had mated with a cottontail, and so the story began again). The original rabbit escaped from his outdoor house one waxing moon night about 10 years ago when a bear set him free. At that point I realized that all future rabbits must be free.

Yesterday I knew that this rabbit sighting was alerting me to the importance of paying close attention to what I was about to do because there is an intimate relationship between the rabbit, the moon, other women and myself.

Mythology abounds with rabbits who pull chariots in the snow, who dance under the moon, whose relationship to all women and goddess figures is an intimate one.

Thanks to the rabbit sighting and my willingness to act intuitively without knowing why I was able to correct a mistake I made even though I don’t yet know exactly why it was so important to reverse my original intention.

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