Turning Towards the Morning

( Winter Solstice 2020 )


My deep longing 

for you is

a hole in my heart.

You barely graced

this land with your presence

last summer

and then

always in Fear.

That I loved you

wasn’t enough

this time

to create

a circle


us both.

I mourned,

and keen still

over that Absence…

The Mother Tree

imagines curved claws

on her trunk.

If you survived

the slaughter

you sleep

in the Peace

that only

the Gentle Beings –

 who inhabit

undisturbed forest



alert now,

 breathing slow

 bear compassion

 seeds a frozen lair.

 You are curled into

a mother ball

waiting to give birth.

A wee cub

turns over

in your womb

reminding us

both, that

Life is always

in a state

of Becoming.

If you are alive…

come back to me.

  I am lonely

for your

beautiful Coal

Black Body

shimmering in the son.

Don’t you know

that I am wed

to your kind

 in dreams?

The Mother Tree

awaits your coming.

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