The Three Bully Sisters

This sounds like a fairy tale. Today I met the three at my gate. Had I not been coming down my road would they have once again yanked off my “no trespassing” sign? Their two dogs were roaming free and rampant hostility flooded the air around them. I asked them kindly if they would refrain from bringing their dogs to the edge of my property because my five – pound Chihuahuas roamed free on my land ( I am always with them) and I did not want an altercation. One of their dogs does not respond to commands. This set off a brief explosion on their part – something about their calling the dog constable that didn’t make sense; then they turned around and left. I followed them up the road because once again I hoped to talk with them reasonably – these people have been harassing me for 15 years – once again I hoped to create a bridge. I remember saying that we were neighbors (or their mother was – the three daughters live elsewhere) and I had done everything I could to get along with them. I asked them again why we couldn’t get along. The tirade that followed was hard to follow because all three were bellowing at once. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, but the three were hurling insults at me. “We don’t like you”, something about me singing 60’s songs. I couldn’t hear the others (fortunately I do not take umbrage from people like this seriously) – At one point one of them did something quite bizarre. She raised her fists over her head and yelled, “You won!” I did? Won what? Then, “we’re going to walk down the road anyway; our mother owns land.” Huh? Do I need to add that my neighbors that do live here have never done any maintenance on this road since they moved in? – They both live at the top of the road. The bully sisters wouldn’t have been able to walk down today had I not paid to have the road sanded. Finally, I shook my head and left them as they were getting in the last words. Bullies never listen, so it is impossible to have a genuine conversation with any of them… but they do not intimidate me. Bullies are always cowards at heart. I find their behavior pathetic.

What’s the moral behind this story? Accept the fact that some people take pleasure out of creating chaos/misery for others because they NEED an enemy? That some people don’t want to bridge difference and try to work together? That these people are full of hatred? I think all are true, sadly. 

On another note I tried to snowshoe in my woods this morning and couldn’t break the crust. I think it’s time to accept that I need to start walking on the road again, at least for now. Thankfully, I also have another neighbor/friend next door who owns lots of land and we are always welcome to walk there.

4 thoughts on “The Three Bully Sisters

  1. Some people are like that. They use the road or the boundary wall that we maintain to look how we are faring and try to inject some negativity hoping that we might get disturbed.


  2. You are so right Sunith. This is why I do not get angry – I used to – but no more. They are not going change… it’s scary that kind of blockhead thinking – and in this country it,s rampant. Thanks for commenting!


  3. Oh, how utterly disgusting about what your neighbor did to Marla – just the thought makes me want to throw up… some people really get off on cruelty – but I am looking at this harassment and saying to myself – I just don’t want to get angry and give them what they want… writing the fairy tale like story of what happened really helped me! I’ll do it again if I need to – Only next time I’ll name it the three ugly sisters – these women really LOOK as mean as they are! I have a hard time wrapping my mind around people who hate for no reason – dumb me – I go back and try to reason – really – How many times do I have to do this?????? It’s so stupid it’s funny. Thanks Tom.


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