Closing the Circle

Tumbling water

mossy stones

alders arcing

over fragrant

mist shrouding

the stream.

I come here

to be born –

 to feel Forest



 the sky.

Kingfisher rattles,

sparrows sing,

wood thrushes warble,

 bumblebees hum, all

  buried in emerald green.

 Others remain unnamed.

A symphony

of leaves and needles

whish and sway

greet old friends by scent.

 Solstice sun is hidden

behind the trees.

A background of lemon light

deepens sultry shadows.

So much hidden in the dark.

I bid good morning

to the Cherry

rising from Spruce’s stump,

focus water prayers

on healthy roots…

I know she has a source

of moisture beneath her feet,

but still,

 I transplanted her

 in the heat.

Someday a bear

might climb sturdy branches

mouthing ripened fruit –

And perhaps

both trees and bears

 will remember

they were loved –

Without this

Woodland Family

(my beloved dogs)

I live alone.

Cedars murmur:

Some part of you

 will live on here.

My lungs swell…

Fragrant wild lilies fill

my senses with June.

I rest in

the Grace

of the only

peace I’ve known.

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