Perilous Passages

Old Woman cackled on the wing

a pterodactyl with claws

crimson black and white

a great wind

was howling

and she was too.

Passages she screeched.

Her wrath undid me.

The Way was Narrow.

  Cushions of moss

calmed wet cavern walls,

steep stones threatened

 uncertain footsteps,

echoing my descent.

At the bottom

of the well

Silence rang out

like a bell.

She left me there

in the darkness

without sleep

or hope

of escape.

I sat there

for months.


Monster boy

slammed viciously


the roof

 I wept,


for really

what was the point?

And then,

a waking dream –

Benign Wilderness


in the form

of a young bear

who had been

lost in the woods…

When they brought

him to me

he knew who I was.

 Beloved baby bear

leapt into

into my waiting arms

overjoyed to feel

our beating hearts,

mewed contentment,

 fell sound asleep.

Where was

the monster

boy who

viciously slammed

 through the roof?

 “He’s gone.

You traversed the

 Perilous Passage,”

She croaked.

And then

at last I slept.

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