Sandborn River Song

One day while


 I grew leaves.

How can it be that

I slips skins

with such ease?

Light breezes twirled my

petticoat, and a chartreuse

sister drifted orange light.

Earthborne – feathery

grasses and crisped

  travelers meet those

 who have already

transformed – 

crumbling minerals,

wings and bones

 nourish sweet soil

 rich in moisture

fungus and mold.

New life unfolds.

Five fingered petals

  crimson hands

 fly by – just a few, 

infusing bodies

still vibrant

with song.

Thanks – giving

is a natural high.

 Not far behind

  old bones ache

from wandering alone

 for so long…

Fire on the mountain

is thin this year – 

 Yet roaring flames

consume our Elders

whose bark is smoldering,

seed cones charred,

 shriveled tombs

will not release

 the dead.

We celebrate

 Deep Rose

and do not

 ask for more

when winds

bring smoke 

and sorrow

to choke us. 


in green,

focus is


one hoarse croak –

 Where is

that fly?

 Cold blooded


hug stone

still warmed from 

 an autumn star.

I awaken then

gazing into a silver stream

  swept along

down the Sanborn

as clouds burst

blue and gold

 and the peace

I feel is mine

to grow,

to own.

Dedicated to my dear cousin Billy Pottetti who walked beside me today… (10/4/21)

2 thoughts on “Sandborn River Song

  1. Amazing how nature brings old iPhone to life! Thanks Tom!
    Colors are late this year and coming all at once – Some trees are stunning but we have a lot of trees – especially swamp maples that turned brown at the edges and withered…our maples have been in trouble for about 10 years with die off at the top and shrunken leaves and amazingly NO ONE notices this – not surprising that they are withering – poor trees can’t make the changes quick enough – maples, if the species survives, will move north….. still no frost and temps in 50’s in AM – I am trying to adjust to all these changes – I am so tied to the predictable patterns of the seasonal round that I feel like I don’t know just where I am….weird feeling – once again people don’t seem to notice….


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