Facts without Context

Facts without Context

In today’s world of mini – bites there is no room for context.

Masses of useless information hang rootless without grounding distorting whatever it is we think we are learning … if we are  perceptive we might intuit/sense/feel what lies under the facts. Facts are meaningless without context.

A good visual example is to look carefully at the two images I provide for the reader. The one above displays a mirror image but what of?  Unless it is situated in the larger whole we cannot know. 

 In these two pictures we see that new life abounds on an old tree stump submerged in pond waters…

 At the end of the Celtic year which occurs at All Hallows I reflect how important it is to take a “both and’ approach to seeing – the obvious, and the unseen, the latter is hidden…Every person’s actions are situated in some kind of context that is usually well disguised…

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