Message from Water?

Message from Water?

Here is the message from Water at the River Dart, Devon, England on 2nd Dec 2016:

” My dear child do not worry about me, Water. I recover quickly with the song of our birds, the love of trees, with movement, moments of rest and the prayers moving around our Earth. I regain balance with your heartfelt tears, your remembered songs added to the ones of so many now. Do not focus your energy on ‘Saving me’. Something way more profound is taking place right now, listen and observe! All of us; Soil, Water, Plants, Air, Animals and all Ancestors are Calling YOU Humans, to Us so we can Save YOUR species. We know and have known for a while that you do not have much time left if you do not wake up to your birthright Belonging to Earth and come Home soon, real real soon. We keep dying, we keep Giving Away our Lives to shake you up from a deep and very long amnesia. Once you can allow the truth and quality of such Love to permeate through your traumatised being and desolate soul you will wake up from a life time of anesthesia to your immense grief and capacity for Love. When you create containers of sacred beauty that opens your Heart to what Love truly is then you will realise with a massive Sob that you were loved all along, always have and for ever by all of Us who you think You are Saving! You have five years​ as a species to Wake up, Mature and Remember in your bones who you are and that you belong in Life ” Azul-Valerie Thome

Who is Azul? She calls herself a ‘creative visionary’…. She is a gifted artist, I think.

When I read these words in a publication that I respect I experienced fury and responded that I didn’t believe what had been written. The editor of this journal refused to publish my comment, which of course was her right.

I told the editor that others might feel as I did and let it go… then I had the following response along with a conversation about ecological grief from a human perspective that is worth listening to.

The editor wrote:

“maybe this will help… from 5 years ago”

Here is my response to the youtube conversation and one that includes my own commentary:

my brook


“I found this conversation to be genuine, moving, and meaningful. It helps me to understand where many people are coming from.

I agree that rituals, (especially those written by oneself) have power to ease grief, if only temporarily. For extroverts perhaps group ritual is the answer – for me I must be with my animals and bird.

I also agree wholeheartedly that Beauty is key – Beauty keeps me awake, tuned to Love from my animals and plants and from nature as her individuals and as a whole. Occasionally, I experience brief sparks of that quality of love from people. 

I have not forgotten that Primal Relationship – rather the opposite – I am embedded in it.

And I am awake.

Therein lies the Source and Context of my grief.

What I have learned from Nature:

(1) Water is part of every ritual I enact for release and blessing – or it was until about ten – fifteen (?) years ago when I realized with a shock that I was asking Water to take on what I was trying to rid myself of – human suffering – oh no – what am I doing? Our Precious Waters are increasingly burdened with human pollution of all kinds –  with and without awareness – at that point I stopped releasing anything to water – Burning it instead.  What I do continue to do is to ask for a water blessing as I offer up my profound gratitude for this element. I am both the mother and daughter of water. I also believe the grandmothers live in both forests and under water. 

(2) It upsets me greatly to read that water doesn’t need our help – Water isn’t screaming – s/he is weeping. Water needs us to know that s/he is choking with filth. I hear her screaming around the edges – see my blog La Llorona Weeping Woman

(3) We have been socialized into the world of the Anthropocene. I think we get caught – (I certainly did) in this idea that the elements (or other aspects of nature) aren’t capable of feeling/sensing/intuiting and without realizing it we “use” these elements to ease our suffering. 

(4) At this point we can no longer afford to get caught in being the “children” of “Mother Earth”… we are adults who need to take responsibility for what we have done… it is no longer our “mother’s” job to succor us.

(5) Any healing ritual that does not honor water as Life Bringer, any healing that expects water to “wash away our sins” needs to be done away with.

(6) Our time has run out. Five years still feeds false hope giving humans time that does not exist in order to procrastinate further. This is not a time for initiation for humans, it is a time to begin to witness the intolerable -to grieve what has been lost, and that job for those of us who have known this time has been coming for a long time have to figure out how not to drown.

(7)**** Nature is not there to save humans from anything. Nature has her own agenda and autonomy. She is engaged in the survival of the whole planet, not individual species. S/he is attempting to restore imbalances any way she can and that includes terrible fires and floods. She will communicate with humans who love her demonstrating that we are all connected. S/he appreciates being seen.

Each one of us who has been called has a piece of the truth – you have heard a little of mine.

Hopefully you can see why I reacted the way I did and why I stand by my response.”

“My dear child do not worry about me, Water. I recover quickly with the song of our birds (2.9 billion birds extinct), the love of trees ( we have lost most of the worlds trees and continue to slaughter), with movement, moments of rest and the prayers moving around our Earth. I regain balance with your heartfelt tears, your remembered songs added to the ones of so many now…”