Redressing Imbalances: The Powers of Love meet those of Revenge

The planet will sing without us, for the harm we have done will be remembered by the Ancestors. The trees will shudder, the waters will weep, the winds will howl, the parched compacted arid soil will shrink at frightening memory, but life will continue.

Hemlock – I don’t know how old this tree is but S/he has a circumference of more than 12 feet…. imagine what this tree has seen and endured…s/he was spared from being cut because the tree was deemed useless – all that is changing…

 The lives that we destroy –  from birds to trees, to bears, to dolphins, (to innocent people) – become part of a “field” of memory that contains the seeds of each new form. Once purified the Earth will give birth again – but not to a species that was intent upon annihilating her.

 Earth learns from her mistakes. 

S/he is made of energy and a myriad of shapes  – neither created or destroyed  – Earth simply changes forms.

 S/he fashions a starry cloak of gold and silver threads woven into cerulean blue… those filaments shower the earth with sparks, invisible threads penetrate earth’s mantle singing the Song of Relationship to crimson roots and fungi who begin life at the bottom of the sea (the whales hear them singing) Root tips rise out of emerald waters – emerge out of knowing that we are One. 

Who will watch the Creators stitching human atrocities – holes we have rent in Nature’s fabric – Whole?

 Love survives madness by turning to revenge… 

The circle is closing. 

Dissolution lies ahead.

Earth’s revenge redresses imbalances.

4 thoughts on “Redressing Imbalances: The Powers of Love meet those of Revenge

    1. Thank you! Most people don’t like to read about revenge… they are too busy acting it out unconsciously or with deliberation. But revenge is part of the whole. In my way of thinking one does not seek it out, but it is a natural response to ongoing torment without hope of change – a position the Earth finds herself/himself in now.

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  1. Agreed. Revenge does not necessarily mean inflicting punishment or acting out of vengence. In the case of the Earth, I’d say her feedback to human desecration could be characterized as evening things up or logial consequences. It may take a while, but the earth will indeed abide, with or, more probably, without us.

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    1. EXACTLY!!!! We always have a choice – its important to be aware that revenge is a response, not necessarily a reaction to intolerable suffering… how delightful to have one person respond so honestly and with such understanding – again, thank you!

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