Holy Silence; Winter Joy

Holy Silence; Winter Joy

Golden light


down the mountain.

 Fire ignites

 Winter Joy.

In the Holy Silence

of December

my house becomes

a prayer.

Bursting with gratitude,

I walk from one story

to another…

Bless this sleeping Earth


I pass by my

 woodland berried garden.

Celebrate Evergreens. 

Two Norfolk Island Pines

  watered for love of every tree.

Polish the Pomegranate –

to honor all women.

 Spiral around Passionflowers

closing the circle

( tendrils seek winter light)

Love these Animals!

By loving dogs and bears

ever more deeply,

I learn to love myself

Animals, all Beloved.

Body too...

Botticelli’s Madonna

followed me thru Italy

she was in me from

the beginning

cloaked in Blue

my real mother too.

Gifted me with cousins.

Birthed a grandmother.

Welcomed in a stranger.

 Gave me back a brother.

I leave a basket of seeds

and fruits

at her feet.

Roses too.

Spheres of dusty pink flowers

 mirror Nature’s seasonal rounds.

My dove coos in triplets, 

chiming clocks

 echo Grandmothers’


I tip and weave

Sweet Balsam 

into wreath

after wreath

conjuring Wholeness

out of all that is broken.

 Circles of Hope

 embrace me.

At night

my nose touches a pillow –

Inhaling pinenes*

so steeped in scent

I fall asleep.

  • Pinenes are the compounds that create scent in conifers. I weave my wreaths out of balsam that has an especially sweet scent. Balsam is a natural bronchial -dilator and has antibacterial and antibiotic properties.

The Gift of Silence is the Ground for ALL Gratitude

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