Moon Shadow

 Moon Shadow

A Peaceful Warrior

came in the night,

wept with me

when I faltered,

offered of words

of comfort, courage.

Love freed

 from bondage.

Witnessing him

I met my Beloved.

 A shadow

from the Beyond.

He writes under

  a star blind sky 

Three Times Three

 Father Root,

 buried by the Moon..

Torn Ear


So often we believe our shadow elements need to be hidden, when in reality we need to honor them, for they alone can strengthen resolve, weaving us whole.

4 thoughts on “Moon Shadow

  1. Bear’s torn ear looks like it was a hematoma. They can get them from shaking off flies and other injuries. My husky had it and it left her with one cute folded ear! 🙂 I was not surprised but what Bear might be saying: “Most commonly, hematomas are caused by an injury to the wall of a blood vessel, prompting blood to seep out of the blood vessel into the surrounding tissues” ( Goodness.


    1. I have a PhD in ethology and have studied bears for twenty plus years – this animal sustained his injury and a bad scratch you can’t see well in an altercation with another male. Both males out of season are very gentle…. You can see this from his demeanor.


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