Sword Fern




when I caress

 Brilliance –

emerald ladders,

 sword fern


under streaming

clear water

 flickering light

pulsing fronds



seeps through

my hands

when healing

with plants

love is all

that matters.

Postscript: my body has been under too much stress for too long. Yesterday afternoon with a bit of time on my hands I decided to re -pot another of my plants. Working with my beautiful fern, giving her a new home and a lovely shower felt so good – I didn’t expect this but my stress simply dissipated and I was refreshed….all plants have such healing powers and when we interact with them in a loving way some life force enters and strengthens us… Inside the house and outdoors all plants (trees, mosses etc) are healers…Once humans knew that and turned to the plants for help.

Today if we see plants at all we see them as background – wall paper, or we kill them out of greed or indifference.

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