April, month of Becoming

I am listening to the phoebe who is courting his mate outside my window. A male cardinal is trilling from a nearby white pine, and a white crowned sparrow serenades me at dusk. Gray – green bloodroot spikes break ground, twinning trillium unfurl, and frigid mountain waters flow free of ice.

April is the month of “Becoming”.  I see my first brush footed butterfly, spot wild bees sipping crocus nectar, marvel over the woodcock’s spiraling sky dance, listen for the first croaking frogs, wood ducks, honor the decision I made to stay on Earth Day as three turkeys display at the door … acknowledging this month of deep poignancy and remembrance, I commit to the unknown.

 Today is my father’s birthday. This morning I walked down to the brook to see the spot where I buried his ashes marking moist earth with a granite stone.


 My dad has been dead for many years now but he is very much present to me because he was the one who valued family relationships, was capable of forgiveness, and harbored deep feeling. He also persevered. I remember too that once he flew like the woodcock does, high into the sky…

Lily b came to me this month 31 years ago…

I cherish the ground birds who make their homes here. Doves, Grouse, Turkeys and especially the Woodcocks remind me that I am my father’s daughter – all of us belong to the earth but we can also fly.

2 thoughts on “April, month of Becoming

    1. Yes Tom it is quite amazing how our dead remain as presence in our lives – it is an honor and a gift, I think. I like knowing that you have this kind of experience too – life and death are one great round and who is to say where one flows into the other.


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