Betwixt and Between

When tired leaves
crisp and wrinkle
drip old
summer’s humidity
bathing stems in steam
acorns hit the ground.
Tightly wrapped hemlock cones
sticky and green

fall like rain
Slanted sun

the tale 
 light spun
 blue and gold
filaments tip
wet forest ground.
Bluejays screech
Autumn calling.

 Pods and seeds abound

limed partridgeberries,
Chrysalids too

Purple elderberry fruits
bruise winnowing hands….

A walk through
needle and leaf
 calms me
 willowy river
wends her way
around cobbled stones
pools of water ripple –
a fish or two

cast circles

of becoming.
ablaze with ripening berries
bittersweet to crimson
 gift food for all

Nuts and seeds precede 
flames of falling leaves.
Turkey and partridge
astonished by 
 seasonal abundance
I pick a branch

of hobblebush
Remind myself:
 ‘always ask permission’.
oval leaves
sharply veined

 hearts wining
 rose and red.

The most delicate
of wild viburnums
generous to a fault

 still trip the unwary!
Pearl blossoms
reflect white moon in May
Now swell with seed

 rubied brilliance…

Cool mornings betray
the shift
Night casts her veil
an hour early

  a slanted eye

rises over the


half asleep.

 Fragrant orchids,

Ladies Tresses,
open stark white throats
seducing bees
as waxing harvest moon

Illuminates coming darkness. 
Love has many seasons.

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