Rite of Passage


seeds and pods


flower dust

shears away

summer madness

heat and humidity

 a holy rite


 sky stories

 cosmic patterns

golden light

 falling leaves.

Walking over

solid ground

 sturdy roots

 rise up beneath

my feet.

Each September just before the equinox I have my beautiful wildflower field shorn of her faded flowers, seeds and milkweed pods, opening a circle on bare ground… I invite the North -Eastern night sky to enter my body, and my awareness with intention. Even before nightfall I can sense The Great Bear  who circumnavigates the sky always staying above the horizon as she has since the beginning of humankind’s birth. She offers the discerning body-mind a glimpse into the Great Mystery of deep time…. 

 I sit in my chair –sometimes at sunset to watch the mountain catch fire, or later as night closes in… Stargazing as dusk falls earlier and earlier is an autumn ritual that I embrace that lasts until the first snow falls… For me this is a time to give thanks, and if my life patterns allow, a time to experience inner peace.

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