Circle of Protection; A festival of lights

A frozen walk,

ashes scattered

for purchase

traversing solid ground


Hammering away

frozen lead –

Winter chores

exhaust me.

A pale white star

slices trees

freed from hell

by wind and rain

for this I am


My body


from buzzing…

numbing creative thought.


invade my cells –

kill senses

Yet –




and heat


Dimming only under


Christmas eve


embodied holy.

Behind me

pain endures.


limbs etch

charcoal on pearl


 winter white.

At dusk

a Festival of Lights!

Spirit Animals and

Ground birds

circle round…

 turkey, grouse

dove and bear…

frogs and

 chickadees all

cast Protection

at Midnight.

Forest Grace

 surrounds me.

 Bless the birds

who round

the house

Animal Spirits too.

Tiny stars are

  Birch Tree seeds

scattered by

wind driven snow.

Postscript: This poem was written December 24th and 25th….after two winter storms one that brought 28 inches of snow and another that brought a flood. I spent four days without power – fortunately I have a generator but the sound invades my body creating a buzz that won’t let me relax…

We know from scientific research how dangerous machine noise is to people. Protective devices are used by folks using machines or gunning to keep these sounds out of human ears. But because we do not honor the integrity of our bodies we do NOTHING to protect them, and this noise kills cells. Of course the rest of nature has to endure this assault as well and no serious research that I know of has been done on animals and plants except Monica Gagliano. A plant physicist, Gagliano studies the way plants listen to, and attempt to move towards water. What’s important here is that she attempts to trick the plants by playing sounds of water on a machine and the plants turn away. Gagliano believes the Electromagnetic forces are responsible for this plant behavior… my sense is that it’s more than this – the plant cells can’t deal with the vibrations…It may even kill them.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were quiet and windless…. and I had such a lovely interlude celebrating peace with a festival of lights and a warm fire, eating a wonderful meal, and feeding all the birds that surround my house…. the BEST Christmas in years! On Christmas Day one of my plants answered a question I posed instantly – clearly, my plants as well as my animals love peace!

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