Flowing Like Water

In the dream

I stand snowbound

at the Crossroad



a still point


Pausing –

in the distance

Flowing Water


a path…

 Ice, snow and

frozen feelings

are outside –

not mine to own

Powerless in

their fear

these women



 hen houses…

caught by 


droning on….

I choose

to flow

 like water



the forest





ripples –


Golden Light.

4 thoughts on “Flowing Like Water

    1. Bless you Tom – how kind of you to think of me…. It’s really frigid – 2 degrees yesterday but it’s the wind that is impossible – came back to my house to stay to get away a d because I only have a four foot crawl space – unheated – was 50 down there Tuesday but today 32 – the wind had blown the vent covers away – had I come later – tooo late – managed to get a stove down there blew a fuse but finally got it going and last I checked it was about 40 – it’s wonderful to be away from such hostility from old women I don’t know and my dogs one of which is in heart failure are so happy to be home… getting old is hard as we know… lonely too -am betwixt and between – will stay here until it warms up – then I’ll go back to the fishbowl…. At least I still have this house….but the shoveling is impossible – what a winter from hell – except of course if you are a skier – then fake snow – it’s all ice so they have to make it into powder – keeps the tourists piling in….I will be happy just to stay upright and take care of my animals….. next winter I will have to go somewhere – Harpies aren’t the answer – why do you suppose they are so mean? Power? Fear? Thanks so much!


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