Full Moon Dreaming


Wind – torn

Soul and Limb

Mid- winter


Births Light

Brigid’s Crown

Is made of Fire

Beloved Birds

Begin to Sing

Oak Tree’s

Sacred Well

runs Deep

and Pure

Gnarled trunk

Twisted branches

A few crisped

Leaves sway


New buds

Tightly wound

I bow to

this Forested altar

a bare tree

awake with longing

Offering ruby seeds

Tasting a few

Turkeys twitter

My dove coos

Sprinkling holy water

We cross

The Threshold

( my animals and me)

at moonrise

Body holds the key

Rabbits and Hares

Cavort at Midnight

Silver snow


of Ice

Frigid winds

Brigid’s Moon

Belongs to Bears.

2 thoughts on “Full Moon Dreaming

    1. Thank you Tom…I’m glad things go well with you….and here – well warm temperatures all winter except for deep freeze… but I miss that lovely fluffy snow that made it a pleasure being in the woods…. Ah we must accept the changes – I remember listening to old people like me talk about the past….. now I get it! We talk about experiences that the young have not known…. Sadly now they may never know…


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