An Unexpected Gift



(Lily and Hope – photo credit: Dr Lynn Rogers – American Bear Center/ WRI –


a christmas elf appeared

at her door,

let himself in

as she baked an apple crisp


Unwrapping simple gifts

Tears pricked her eyes –

Her red heart burst.

How could he have known?


She let him place

a small silvery bear paw

circlet around her neck,

a numinous abalone eye piercing

veils of ancient Memory…


She flowed with the river

dissolved into the sea…


A small child surfaced then,

roamed free through

a magical day

when two old people

became children

exchanging priceless

gifts – Love and Respect

freely offered.

Kindness births Flowers.

She flowed with the river

dissolved in the sea…


He wore his ears for her…

She cooked a feast for him

though she felt quite ill.

Together they shared thoughts,

watched Ravens in flight,

much loved dogs gnawing bones,

spoke of times passed by,

without poignant longing;

They had each other.


Two old people flowing with the River

dissolving into the sea…


Could he feel the Presence?

A Great Bear Spirit kept watch

as they sipped tea

by the fire in the cups

that bore His name.


The Bear held them close

like only a Bear Mother can

embrace her children –

loving them both



As they flowed into the river

And dissolved into the sea.


They parted at dusk –

Reluctantly –

thanking each other

for a heart centered day.


As they flowed into the river

And dissolved into the sea.