Amidst the Garbage and the Flowers



A couple of days ago my friend Iren and I visited a place that spoke to me of the Bear People. Lots of wild earth and free flowing water made this area home to ancient Puebloans who understood the necessity of having astonishing beauty in their lives as well as precious water. Beauty keeps the soul in tact, and Water is Life.


The undulating mountain ranges – some appearing quite reptilian, stretch out as far as the eye can see in every direction and some are snow covered. The white light that emanates from these pristine mountains make me gasp in wonder. So much   indescribable beauty. Wild animals are still abundant here as are the artifacts from those who have lived and traversed this land before us.


This is a place where “deep time” (see earlier blog post for a discussion on deep time) can easily be accessed, a place where it is possible to visit the ancestors…both human and non – human, in spite of the hoards of garbage thrown carelessly on hallowed ground, much to our disgust and grief – stricken hearts.


Iren captured “deep time” through the photograph she took of me staring into the future… reminding me that in these junipers, hills and mountains – in this high desert – I have finally found home amidst “the garbage and the flowers.”