The Drummer

I heard him again

 mighty woodpecker

of the forest

raucous and imprudent.

I am not used to

his harsh

staccotoed laughter or

during the fall

his ceaseless drumming…

Victorian holes

appear on desiccated limbs

One could almost imagine

the oval doorways

becoming ‘homes’

for those of us who have lost our way?

Living in liminal space l walk on air with the ground disappearing beneath under my feet. Why is it that woodpeckers are so vocal during these deadly periods? This ‘King’ of the Forest is normally very quiet in the fall but this year his drumming and crazed laughter startle the forest folk….

Woodpeckers create holes…. as we wait for election returns the American ‘king’ at the helm denies he lost. He may be right.

The woodpecker has a skull that protects him from madness while he drums; the man does not.