In the Beginning

A Day In Santa Fe


Indescribable Art.


Roxanne Swentzell is a contemporary pueblo artist who “focuses on interpretive female portraits attempting to bring back the balance of power between male and female (that is) inherently recognized in her own culture.”


Photographs are forbidden in the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture but I copied down this Creation story that was written on the wall behind one of Roxanne’s sculptures. Roxanne comes from the pueblo of Santa Clara, a Tewa speaking people.


In the beginning

tucked in the dark womb

of Our Mother,

the urge struck us that we

might venture out.

At the same moment

Our Mother tilted the bowl

of Life, and poured us

Forward into our lives.

The Journey begins.


Flowers on Tsikumu*

are calling us.

We step forward.

The birds’ wings

Fan our feelings

We step forward.

Tracks in soft dirt

of antelope, bear and lion.

We step forward,

our breath joins all there is.

We joyfully step forward.

Mother of all things,

Bless our journey,

as we step forward.


* Sacred Mountain

Thank you Bruce.