I bounced out of bed at 4AM to see the glorious full white moon before she began to eclipse. She was so bright that I couldn’t see any but the brightest stars in the sky. Sitting on the floor I gazed out the window feeling myself joining the rest of Nature’s creatures to witness this propitious event…


It wasn’t long before the night took a bite out of moon, first one, and then another. I watched as the light began to dim at first subtly and then quite dramatically. I felt the mysterious darkness descend from the sky allowing the stars to shiver and twinkle as they were strung like crystals into familiar patterns overhead. The Gemini Twins appeared and I thought of my little brother with whom I shared a brief but magical life with so long ago. He would have loved this I thought wistfully, though he’s been dead since 1972. (Gemini Twins I used to call us although only his birthday was in June… however, we will remain soul mates forever – even death could not separate us).


Jupiter and Mars glowed in the southeast as the dark descended…The little dog star disappeared below the horizon. Now the night held sway as I made my way down the path to my friend and artist Iren’s studio where I would witness the final event with dear friends. The coppery red color of the eclipsing moon was more startling each time we gazed at the sky intensifying in color before our eyes A sense of wonder permeated the room I shared with others who are in love with Nature much the way I am. How grateful I felt to be in such company.


When the moon simply disappeared the morning light glowed like a flame in the east. Three of us went to greet the morning sunrise standing together at the river’s edge. Again, that sense of wonder and awe as we witnessed the sky catch fire…


What a night!


And such a miraculous new dawn!