Tree of Life



IMG_9003.JPGTree Prayer after the Dream..


My steadfast Guardian Juniper

offers shelter

for birds

in her prickly

gray green branches.


A slivery star shines

from her core.


She bends, bows, nods

to whirling west winds,

acknowledges dark powers

that would topple

those without deep roots.


Her life -root sinks

into a complex network – a web

of underground support

and clear waters.

Sweet Earth.


Unlike my tree,

my roots

are weak and shallow,


running too close

to the Light.



a sturdy root center

to ground me

in dark places

I lose my way,

At least initially…


Women who know

call this Gas – lighting.


When betrayal strikes

blood pours

out of an ancient wound

in my belly. The

serpent rises

in protest of lies.


I cannot blame the dragon,

or the little body

in whose belly

the snake

finds home.

For we are one.


I turn to my beloved tree,

appeal for strength to resist.

She nurtures those

that are vulnerable –

deer included.

I raise my voice to Her

in  earnest prayer…


Can She support me?

– Assist me to

heal a deadly wound

that runs

so deep,

hidden in every cell

of  a body

I once despised?