Nailed to the Cross



Stunned – Numb,

I peer through the veil

into the dark souls

of those

who crucify

the innocent.


Whose own agenda

is deeply suspect.


I have done nothing

to deserve such treatment.


I am not that much

of a fool.


Rake me over the coals.


Make connections

that don’t exist

but don’t expect me

to comply.


I opened my heart

And was scorned.


Like the bears

I seek solace, safety,

relief from violation


beneath the roots

of dormant trees…


I have been

nailed to a cross

of dreams.


Working Notes:

I take full responsibility for the fact that I write honestly and openly… and by doing so risk being judged and misinterpreted, but this doesn’t change the feelings of violation I experience having my politics, my relationship with nature (read: religious beliefs), and my work as a woman’s advocate scrutinized and judged so harshly by people who don’t know me personally and take my words out of context using them to condemn me.


I looked up the word violation. The Latin root is Volare which means to be treated violently, which is exactly how I experience this kind of invasion.

The common dictionary meanings follow:

The failure to respect someone’s peace, privacy, or rights.

To treat something sacred with disrespect

Literary definition is quite precise – rape or sexual assault


Postscript 2:

When I use the word CONTEXT I am referring to the separation of the particular from the whole ie – taking a word or phrase that someone has used and using it as a weapon while disregarding the rest of what was said or written.

The U.S has become a low context culture and this kind of distortion is common and “normalized” – which makes it even more deadly.