Deluge after the Solstice


I awakened

this morning

remembering my


 Ah, the longest day

of the year had passed

the night before.

A seasonal cycle completed –

now possible reprieve?

 Honoring the Turning

 I spent

 hours present

to bees and birds;

  diamond sun

glittered and spun.

 I wandered

here and there

 under gold and

 lemony green

inhaling the scent of lilies,

startling mama grouse,

 singing to the brook,

recalling nightmares

of shrinking waters –

(never imagining

 this future wold come).

I leaned into Northwest wind.

 Although brisk it

seemed benign,

not intent upon

splintering shipwrecked birches.

 Some snapped

like matchsticks

last spring.

In the balsam scented dusk

 I prayed for rain –

to soften cracked ground,

to bring courage, endurance,

and relief .

A forest fed jewel –


hovered overhead.

You’re too vulnerable

She said.

Some nights

– dying forests

–  dead birds

 billions annihilated

 total invisibility,

my overwhelming fear

bring killers to life

How could we?

I long to retaliate –

 such outrageous injustice.

If only…

My sun is sinking

under a bittersweet horizon.

Implosion, Explosion.

A light goes out.

Shivering stars

a silver moon

and the split

knife of a battered mind

keep me awake

until dawn –

When I hear

my lover’s voice –

  sweet rain begins to fall.

One thunderous rumble

 and illusion shatters

 – a screeching

 metal sheet

pounds stones

beneath my feet.

A raging deluge

obliterates the road,

pummels flowers,

rips leaves from trees

and I’m half


with the knowing

 more extremes are on the way.

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