Star Baby

Star Baby

fell from the sky

to earth

on a cloud

of pinks roses..

a gift to

those who


The Moon Mother

kissed her Round.

 Star baby glowed, 

luminous pearl

 cloaked in

 human skin.

Star baby smiled,

her laughter

gilded the room –

in golden Light.


of goodwill overflowed.

Joy would follow her

 all her days…

Star baby’s dark eyes

saw beyond

what was 

into an uncertain future…

Embraced by loving

family she knew no fear.

 Those who had come before

were Present as

 Protectors too.

Pottettis gathered…

And oh how they loved her!

Star baby’s

 Grandpa would

shield this child

from Monsters, I knew…

and so would I…

a Godmother too.

Love casts Circles

of Angelic Protection.

7 thoughts on “Star Baby

    1. I have such ambivalent feelings about any baby born during this time of chaos upheaval climate change etc… in truth I believe that it is time for folks to stop having children – the world they are coming into is going to be a tough one and overpopulation is one of our biggest threats – that being said I can’t help being overjoyed to have a little girl cousin!! Because of covid I probably won’t meet her until spring but my very loving first cousin sends me pictures all the time so I am sort of getting to know her over a machine – well – better than nothing – as I have grown older I have longed for a little girl to come into my life and this one dropped down from the stars! How can I not be grateful?

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    1. Population régulation isn’t very realistic – people’s « rights » ugh…..I am not optimistic – we can’t get together on masking – climate change is stuck – they can’ agree to DO anything.


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