Red Bird’s Wife

IMG_2095Redbird’s Wife

You are an angel perched outside my window.

Wrapped in an olive coat and a feathered cap, delicately hopping, you descend twig by twig from wild apple’s highest branches. You turn your tufted head sideways, one beaded black eye shining in at me. You acknowledge our meeting with a series of orange beaked staccato chirps.

You and my Redbird…messengers of the Spirit.

Nature understands that loneliness smothers even the fiercest fire, bends even the strongest will to ground.

For a few moments an ocean of gratitude drowns roaring chthonic voices.

‘In the space in between’ giving thanks seems so natural on this pale gray day in late November, when wind chimes sing.

Because you have come.

“I’m right here!” I say.

A wave of wild trust binds us.

“And we are two!” she answers, his scarlet wings whirring as he clasps the branch to land beside her…

Thanksgiving Day      11/26/15

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